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Activate Taimer Mobile Apps on iOS and Android

Learn how to activate the Taimer CRM, Chat and Boards mobile apps


  • Manage your projects and sales using the Taimer CRM app

  • Exchange information using the Taimer Chat app

  • Collaborate on projects using the Taimer Boards app

  • Download the Taimer apps from Appstore and Google Play


3 apps to manage your entire business. Download the three Taimer apps to manage your business on the go!

Taimer CRM app

The Taimer CRM app gives you a 360° view of your entire business. You can add and edit contacts, accounts, leads and projects directly from the app. It also lets you create and manage invoices and expenses on the go. With the Taimer app, you can create tasks, track hours to tasks and mark them as done from anywhere, at any time!

Taimer Chat app

With the Taimer Chat app you can exchange messages both with your team and your clients. You can create private chat groups with team members and share stories and ideas in your company newsfeed. It creates automated project threads and lets you share unlimited files and collaborate on projects on the go!

Taimer Collaboration app

The Taimer collaboration app lets you manage your workflow using Boards and Cards, collaborate in real-time with customers and teams, manage & prioritise tasks on the go and send files for instant approvals.

Download from AppStore and Google Play:

You can download the Taimer apps on your iOS and Android devices.

To activate the apps:

  • Open the desktop version of your Taimer account

  • Navigate to your profile on the top right corner

  • Click on My Profile

  • Navigate to Activate Mobile Application 

  • You can activate your mobile apps manually or using the QR code

  • Manual activation requires the Company ID, Username (Email) given here

  • Company ID can also be found at the end of your Taimer URL when you sign into your account

Activate manually or using the QR code

Manual activation:

  • Download the app

  • Add your Taimer Company ID, username and your password

  • These details can also be found in the first activation email that you receive from Taimer

Using the QR-code

  • Download the app

  • Start the app on your device and scan the QR code by pointing your phone to your computer screen

  • Once the app has scanned the QR code, it will automatically open