Activities Insights

Activities Insights


  • Where can I view all my scheduled sales activities?

  • Where can I view the activities for my team?

  • How can schedule a client call?

  • How can I keep a track of my pending and overdue sales activities?


The Activities Insights dashboard gives you a quick overview of all the activities associated with specific teams, team members and accounts.

Permissions: Activities Insights

Accessing Activities Dashboard

To access this data:

  • Navigate to the blue sidebar

  • Click on Insights

  • Click on Activities

  • Select the relevant Time period, Team and the other relevant fields

  • Scroll down to view the Activities Insights, Activities by Type and Activities List

Activities Insights

You can get a quick overview of all your overdue, due and completed activities from here.

Activities by Type

Here you can view the types of activities (email, call, meetings, notes, etc.) that are scheduled or completed for a given user, account or team.

Activities List

Here you can get a detailed overview of all the activities assigned to a user.

You can add a new activity by either clicking on the green + symbol from the Activities List table or by clicking on the 'Add New' tab in the header of your Taimer account.

Fields explained:

Type- The type of activity- note, email, call, meeting, Skype calls, etc.

Status- Due, Overdue or Done

Created- Activity creation date

Reminder- Notification date

Account/Project- Account or project associated with the activity

Description- Describe the activity

Contact- Contact associated with the Project

Created by- User who has created the activity

Targeted to- To whom the activity is assigned to

Note: To hide, sort or remove a column, simply click on the vertical ellipses symbol (⋮) next to a field in the Activity List header.