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Add an expense and send for approval

Learn how to create an expense, upload a receipt to an expense and send it for approval.


  • Create and add an expense

  • Send an expense for approval

  • Use the mobile app to add an expense

  • Archive an expense


Taimer makes expense tracking quick and hassle-free by letting you enter them as and when they occur. 

You can add an expense from the Expenses feature page in the navigation sidebar, from the Add new tab in the Header, or from the Taimer mobile app.

Permissions: Create Expenses

How to add an expense from the Expenses page

  • Navigate to the Expenses page from the navigation sidebar

  • Click on New Expense

  • Choose the relevant project for which the expense was incurred

  • Choose a payment type.

  • Specify the purpose of the expense

  • Choose the currency (If the expense was made in a different country).

  • Enable the toggle button- Invoice customer if this needs to be directly invoiced to the customer. 

  • Click on the green Add row tab to describe the costs

  • Add the description and the costs

  • Click on Save to send it for approval or Save as draft to send later

  • Once you click on Save or Save as Draft, you will see the option to upload a receipt

  • The expense will automatically move to the waiting status. You can monitor the status of your expense from here. If you have the access to approve the expense, you can approve it directly from here. Click here to learn more about expenses approvals. 

How to add an expense from the Header

  • Navigate to Header on top

  • Click on Add New

  • Click on Expense

  • Follow the steps as explained in the previous section under - How to add an expense from the Expenses page

How to add and manage expenses using the Taimer app

  • Open the Taimer app

  • Click on the + icon in the bottom right corner

  • Select Expense

  • Take a picture of the receipt using the camera or use the photo library to select a picture

  • Choose the project for which the expense was incurred

  • Choose the payment type. This is defined in the Expenses Settings

  • Define the expense 

  • Select the date

  • Choose the currency.

  • Add a description

  • Update the cost details

  • Select an expense type.

  • Click on Done

  • You can save the expense as draft for editing it later, or send it for approval

  • To access your expenses, open the mobile app, click on the More options icon below

  • Click on Expenses to view all your expenses

How to archive an expense

You can archive an expense from the Expenses page. Click on the more options icon to view or archive an expense. 

 NB! You will be able to approve or reject an expense only if you have the access for expense approvals.