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Approve or reject an expense

Learn how to streamline expense approvals, provide approval access to managers and supervisors, and how to approve or reject an expense.


  • Provide expense approval access

  • Approve or reject an expense


Taimer allows team members or users to create and submit expenses and travel expenses, and managers and supervisors can approve them depending on the access rights that they have. 

Permissions: Expenses

Access levels for expense/travel expense approvals

Taimer provides different access levels to managing an expense based on the role you have in the company. These access levels include:

  • Approve all expenses-  Can approve or reject expenses for all whether it's for a user, project, team, or company.

  • Project manager can approve project expenses- Provided to project managers and can approve or reject expenses only for their respective projects

  • Supervisor can approve team expenses- Provided to supervisors and can approve or reject expenses submitted by all the employees under them. To learn how to assign employees to a supervisor, click here

  • Modify All Expenses- Can modify or make edits to existing expenses

  • Create Expenses- Can only create an expense

How to set up access for expense/travel expense approvals

  • Navigate to your profile on the top right corner

  • Click on Settings

  • Navigate to User Management > Permissions

  • Scroll down to Expenses

  • Add a user or a user group from the dropdown under the Edit column to grant them the required access

How to approve or reject an expense/travel expense

Depending on the access right you have, you'll be able to approve or reject an expense report. To do this:

  • Navigate to the Expenses/Travel Expenses page from the navigation sidebar

  • Here you can view all the expenses listed along with their respective status

  • Use the Status filter to view all the expenses that are currently in the waiting status

  • Click on the more options icon(...) next to an expense

  • Approve or reject the expense