April 2022

Here is a summary of our latest releases and product updates

Sales report

New sales report for sales overview has been added to give an overview of sales projects. You can view the report by added to pipeline, closing date or event end date.

Event date

If you need to have information on your projects about project's event dates, activate event dates from project settings. Event dates are then shown on the project card, project list and different project related reports.

To activate feature, read more about project settings

Revenue recognition improvements

In case you are using revenue recognition feature, you can now lock previous months editing to enable possible error cases with older values. You can find new settings for revenue recognition from project settings.

Read more about revenue recognition

Heeros integration

We are now one step closer with Heeros and Taimer tool integration. If you want to be one of the first customer users for this integration, don't hesitate to contact to our customer service!