August 2021

August 2021 Here is a summary of our latest releases and product updates

Add Extra Fields to Accounts

You can now add and customise extra fields to account card details and also view extra fields as columns in the accounts list view. Learn more

Closed Won and Lost Reason

The closed-lost & closed-won reason function lets sales team members describe exactly why a sale wasn't closed or describe the actions of successfully completing a sale. Learn more

View Tasks in Grid View by Project

Group your tasks in Grid view by project and view all users and tasks related to specific projects. Learn more

Showing Overdue Undone Tasks Hours

Tash hours overdue, not tracked to a task, will now cumulated and shown in the present and remaining future days of the specific task. This means that all hours not tracked but budgeted will help you utilise your team based on all resourced undone and future hours. Learn more about Grid view or see how this works in Gantt.

Invoice rows grouping additions

We added more ways of grouping project invoice materials to invoice rows. You can now group according to tasks and we also added many new ways of grouping hours.

Google Calendar & Office 365 Calendar Updates

New updates and improvements to the calendar feature for GCal and O365. Invite users now possible. Learn more

Other updates

  • Hotkeys to open links in a new tab

    • Mac: cmd + mouse click

    • Windows: ctrl + mouse click

  • Edit invoice row total value to calculate unit price


  • Maventa: new setting to remove bills sync option

  • Netvisor: new setting to select cost center formatting on invoice

Features we are currently working on

  • Taimer software navigation and usability improvements

  • Releasing Beta version of our new Open API

  • Mass invoicing feature

  • Invoice log

  • Notifications center additions