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How to add a Purchase Order

Learn how to manage purchase orders and sync to bills.


  • Permissions
  • Permissions for project related purchase orders
  • Permissions for all purchase orders
  • Purchase Orders List View
  • Creating a Purchase Order
  • List View
  • Sales Quote
  • Purchase Order Information
  • Synchronise Purchase Orders to bills


Now you can create and send purchase orders for sub-contractors and other suppliers with ease, even straight from the sales quote you've sent to your customer.

First of all, what is a purchase order? It is a document you as a buyer send to a supplier, requesting to buy products or services. Essentially it's a list of products and services you'd like to buy from your suppliers and sub-contractors for projects.

Plans: ERP (also available as an add-on)

Permissions: Purchase Orders


Settings > User Management > Permissions

Permissions to view and edit purchase orders can be granted either on a project level, or to all purchase orders.

Permissions for project related purchase orders

Below the Projects segment in Permissions you can find Purchase Order. Here you can define permissions to view and edit purchase orders in projects the users are team members of.

Permissions for all purchase orders

In the Purchase Orders segment of Permissions you can give users permissions to view or edit all of the purchase orders added to Taimer.

Purchase Orders List View

Purchase Orders can be created in several ways, for instance in the Purchase Orders list view or directly from a sales quote. In the List View you can see all purchase orders on Taimer.

Finances > Bills - Purchase Orders

  • Select Bills and Purchase Orders

  • click on the Purchase Order icon, located at the top right of the screen.

Here you can find all purchase orders in a clear list. You can filter the results by purchase order status, date of creation, or through other filters.

Creating a Purchase Order

There are two ways to create a purchase order: in the list view or directly from a sales quote.

List View

Click on the shopping cart icon at the top right corner of Bills to view a list of purchase orders. To create a new purchase order, click on +Add Purchase Order.

Sales Quote

You can create a purchase order directly from a sales quote, or the product or CPQ rows of a sales quote, by selecting the Purchase Order icon at the top right corner of the Sales Quote view.

From the Rows of a Sales Quote

  • Click on the three dots in front of the product or CPQ rows

  • Select Add Purchase Order

→ The purchase order will generate, automatically synced to the project.

Note! If the chosen product has a default supplier in the product register, the default supplier will automatically become the Supplier for the purchase order. This can be changed in the Purchase Order.

Purchase Order Icon on a Sales Quote

  • Click on the Purchase Order icon on a sales quote.

  • Click on +Add Purchase Order.

Note! Purchase orders created through the sales quote +Add Purchase Order icon will be synced automatically to this particular project. Products, suppliers and other factors must be defined manually.

Purchase Order Information

How to Make a Purchase Order?

The +Add Purchase Order tab opens the purchase order form. Here you can define a supplier, client, and the project the purchase order will be synced to.

  1. Select supplier from the Supplier Name dropdown menu.

  2. Define contact.

  3. Select the order date in Order Date by clicking on the calendar icon.

  4. Select estimated payment date in Estimated Payment Date by clicking on the calendar icon. Estimated date of payment helps with reporting and cost estimates.

  5. Select delivery date in Delivery Date by clicking on the calendar icon.

  6. Select Delivery Address.

  7. Add products to a purchase order by clicking on +Add New below the purchase order rows.

  8. You can add notes from the Add notes to supplier tab at the bottom of a purchase order.

  9. Save.

Once the purchase order is saved, you can print and send to the supplier, change the status to sent, and add a comment to the purchase order if necessary.

Synchronise Purchase Orders to bills

You can sync a purchase order to the bill from your order. After the sync the purchase order status will be Synchronized, since the costs will be actual. A synced purchase order is no longer a forecast, but instead a cost on reports.

  • Click on Sync to Bill.

→ A window will open, showing you the purchase orders for the selected supplier.

  • Select the bill you want to sync the purchase order to. In this view you can also filter bills by their status from the Status field.

  • Click on Sync

After synchronising the purchase order you can see in the Purchase Order view, which bills are synced to the purchase order. The list will show the bill number, supplier, sum (VAT 0%) and status of the bill.

You can sync a purchase order to several bills through the green + icon.

The three dots at the front of the row allow you to remove the sync.

By clicking on the Bill number icon, you can move to the bill the purchase order is synced to.

You can also view the sync through the bill’s Messages & Log View, and the Bills List View.