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Invoice expenses and claim reimbursements

Learn how to add an expense to a project and claim the reimbursement from the customer on an invoice.


  • Claim reimbursable expenses from your customer 

  • Enable expense invoicing in the project card

  • Add the expense to a project

  • Enable expense invoicing in the expense report

  • Invoice the expense


A reimbursable expense can also be a cost you incur on behalf of a customer. Some examples are project-related travel or purchase of supplies that needs to be invoiced to the customer. When you bill your client, you need to include these expenses on the invoice so that they can reimburse you.

Permissions: Expenses

How to claim reimbursable expenses from your customer

There are a few things that need to be done to claim a reimbursement from a customer on an invoice:

  • The project should be billable and must have the expense invoicing feature enabled

  • The expense needs to be added to the project. When creating the expense for the project, the expense must be configured for invoicing

  • Invoice the customer using the existing project details option

How to enable the expenses invoicing feature in the project card

  • Navigate to Projects from the sidebar

  • Select the project for which the expense needs to be invoiced

  • Navigate to the invoicing column in the Project card on the extreme right

  • Scroll down to Invoicing details

  • The project must be set to billable

  • Enable the toggle button for Expenses Invoicing

  • Select the date range. All approved billable expenses created during this period will be displayed in the invoice

How to add an expense to the project and configure expense invoicing

Now that you have activated expense invoicing for the project, you need to ensure that when the expense is added to this project, it is activated for invoicing as well. To do this:

  • Navigate to the Expenses/Travel Expenses page

  • If you need to create a new expense to add to the project, follow the steps to create a new expense 

  • If there is an existing expense that needs to be invoiced, select the expense from the List view

  • Enable the toggle button- invoice customer in the expense report 

How to invoice the expense

Now that you have activated the expense invoicing feature in the project card and enabled invoicing in the expense report created, the next step is to invoice the customer for the expense. To create the invoice:

  • Navigate to the Financials > Invoicing page from the sidebar

  • Click on the green Add Invoice tab

  • Select Invoice with project details

  • Select the account, project and invoicing period from the table on the right

  • The expenses will be displayed in the invoice along with other invoicing materials if any. 

  • The invoice can then be sent to the customer for expense reimbursements. Click here to learn more about how to create and send an invoice for existing projects