Job types and professional titles

Learn how to classify projects using different job types and professional titles, and assign hourly rates for each of them


  • Structure of hourly rate
  • Job types
  • Creating new Job type
  • Jobtypes status explained
  • How to add Jobtype to the time entry
  • Professional titles
  • Creating new Professional titles
  • How to add users to Professional Titles
  • Users


You can use job types and job titles to classify hours worked, set customer-specific pricing, and specify project-specific Job types and Professional titles with prices.

You can set project- and customer-specific hourly rates for both Job Types and Professionals on the billing tab of the project card and customer card.

You can also use job types and professional titles in your reports.

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Structure of hourly rate

Hourly pricing can be made up of three elements for which default invoicing prices can be set in the settings.

  • Job types are hourly classification factors that can ve defined in the settings, which is mandatory information in time entry. The job types can be utilized in the classification of hours and hourly rates.

  • Professional titles can be utilized in the classification and hourly rates. Professional titles can be defined in settings and users are added to group of professional titles. For example, Professional titles may be SKOL categories ect. Professional title is not mandatory information.

  • User's hourly rate defines the rice of the invoicing hours to be invoicedbe the user that comes to invoices as a charging price.

However, default invoicing prices can be defined on an account and/or Project basis.

The hourly rates defined for the project and account override the hourly rates in the settings. Of these, the prices specified for the project take precedence, if these are not the prices specified for customer. If no price list has been defined for either, the hourly prices specified in the settings will increase for invoice.

Examples of pricing structures:

In situation where account and project pricing has prices defined for both job types, professional titles and users, the hourly prices defined for the project will increase on invoice with project material.

  • The hourly price specified for the user overwrites the prices specified for the professional title and job type.

  • If the user does not have a price, the price of the professional title overwrites the price of the job type.

  • If neither the user nor the professional titles have set prices Taimer uses the price specified for the job type.

In the situation where prices have been defined for the account card for both job types, Professional titles and users and on the project card is the price for professional title to which user belongs, is separate price:

-> The hours allocated by the user to the project will be charged according to the price of the project card, overwriting other prices.

Job types

You can create different Job types and set hourly rates for each type of job. Users can add a job type to them time entries. This information is useful for invoicing and reporting.

Examples of Jobtypes are production, development, sales, marketing, etc.

Creating new Job type in the settings:

Settings > Feature settings > Time management

  • Navigate to Settings from the top right corner

  • Click on Feature Settings 

  • Click on Time Management. You will see two tabs here - Time Tracker and Hour Balance Management

  • Scroll down to Jobtypes , under the Time Tracker tab.

  • Click on Add row 

  • Name the job type, for example, copywriting, development, sales, etc.

  • Specify the hourly rate

NB: If you have integrated your accounting software with Taimer, you can associate the job type with specific accounting products or functions within your accounting system.

If you do not need the Jobtype more, you can archive that by clicking three dot beginning of Jobtype row and choosing "Archive".

Archived jobtypes stay on all time entries, where it is added and you can use those in reporting just like earlier.

Accounting softwares

If you have integration with accounting software, you can associate the job type with specific accounting products or functions in the accounting system.

Jobtypes status explained

Active: All job types that are currently in use. To deactivate a job type, click on the toggle button.

Disabled: All job types that have been deactivated or not in use currently. These can be reactivated by enabling the toggle button.

Archived: All job types that are archived and no longer in use. These cannot be reactivated.

All: All job types

How to add Jobtype to the time entry

Job type is mandatory information on time entry. You can choose only one job type per time entry.

Note! On the Project Card Project-Specific Hourly Price List, you can define the types of work that are only allowed to be used in the time entries assigned to the project in question. This requires that the job types have been added to the price list and that the "Use only selected job types" button is activated.

Professional titles

Professional titles are another classifier that can be used for reporting and invoicing purposes. You can set hourly rates for Professional titles as default in the settings as well as on a account-by-account or a project-by-project basis.

Professional titles would be SKOL classification, project manager, sales agent, team lead, etc., for example.

Creating new Professional titles

Settings - Feature Settings - Time management

  • Scroll down on the Time Tracker tab to Professional Titles

  • Click Add professional title

  • Name Professional title (example Project manager, Designer ect)

  • Set the price for Professional Title

  • Professional title will be saving automatically

The price of professional title can be set on the account- and project-specific basis on the Invoicin tab in the basic information section on the right side of the account and project card.

Note! The hourly rate specified for the professional title on the account and project card overwrites the hourly rates specified in the settings.

How to add users to Professional Titles

You can set your users to different Professional title as default setting.

Settings - User Management - Groups

Users are added to created professional title groups, so their hourly rate is determined by the professional title when the professional title groups are added to the account or project.

The exception is situations where the user has been assigned a separate hourly rate on the project card or has been assigned to a different professional title group, in which case they overwrite the professional title group defined in the regulations and its price.

  • Choose Professional Titles tab

  • Add users to Professional titles


Settings > User management > Users

Users can be set a invoicing price from the User card. This price is tranferred to the invoicing of hour charges if no different price has been specified for the user on the customer or project card.

Note! The user price specified on the Account- and project card overwrites the invoicing price of the user card.