March 2022

Here is a summary of our latest releases and product updates


New User Interface Updates

Our team has made some exciting layout and user interface changes, the updates are intended to make navigation and interacting with Taimer easier and smoother.

Let's take a look at what has changed:

  • Top header and actions
  • Sidebar and grouping
  • Moving away from icons to tabs
  • In-app learning
  • Add new popups to sliders
  • Account and project cards
  • User and contact cards

Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 12.51.50

Updated header and action buttons

We moved the actions, from left side and placed them all to the right side.

The Add New -button is now on the right side. A new addition to the icons is the settings -button. The reports dropdown moved to the sidebar. The BI-reports are now as tabs, visible in the dashboard.



Sidebar EN-gif-1

New sidebar grouping and hover function

The sidebar grouping has been updated and streamlined. We have also added the hover function to give you straight access to the desired tab.



Tabs Taimer

Moving away from icons to tabs

We listened to you our dear customers and made the choice to move away from multiple icons and other not so clear dropdowns for grouping data.

The new tabs and subtabs views will for sure help you navigate to the right section with ease. 



Screenshot 2022-03-15 at 13.24.03

Articles and videos to help you learn

Something we are very excited about is what we are rolling out during the coming months, and you will find them appearing here and there 🤗.

We want to help you succeed with Taimer and this means that help needs to be closer. We are going to be adding feature and function specific articles, videos and tours.



Time Tracker Taimer

Popups are out and sliders are in

We streamlined all add new -popups to add new -sliders. This not only for usability but to also bring you new functions, like the time tracker previous entries tool and the Next actions -function after saving.



Project- & Account Cards: New features, new look and feel

The top section, has been redisigned to help you better navigate. The overview details section has moved to the left side, and is now also interactive and with more unified flow. A new addition is the Reports -tab, find more reports straight from the cards. The add new and actions buttons are now situated in the right top corner, and always visible in all views.



Contact Card Taimer

Contacts and User Cards: Redesigned and unified 

Contact and user cards have also been redesigned to have the same look and feel, similar to the project- and account cards.

We also added new features to help you easier call, email and edit details.


Hour BI-report updates

Hour reports have been updated so that user can see overview hours in more detailed level. In case hour approval function is in use, approved and non-approved hours are shown separately.


Bills reports

New reports published to give an overview of your Bills. You can view bills reports for example by account, account group or project manager.