May 2022

Here is a summary of our latest releases and product updates

Define more specific work hour templates for your users

We have made a significant update to create more specific work hour templates for part-time users to maintain more advanced hour balance and resource tracking. Admins can create templates to Time Tracker Feature settings and apply them user specifically. You are still free to use the work hour definitions as they were but this will give you more options when it comes to users who are not doing the classic daily nine to five. Another great improvement is that you can also now follow up and edit the hour balance directly from the user's card. Read more about employment templates settings and user's working time defining.

There's also improvements made to the overtime settings and they are now managed from a view of it's own. From that view you can define the overtime multiplier in use to accumulate correct overtime balance. Read more about overtime settings.

Google Drive & Online Docs

As a completely new integration we are now launching the Google Drive! If you are using Google's services you can switch that integration on to link your documents directly to your Account's or Project's attachments in Taimer. 

Extra fields of Accounts now in Reports

If you are using extra fields in your Account details you can now select 3 of them to be shown in your reports. When you activate the field it will be visible as a filter when using Advanced Search. Read more about account's extra fields.

Payment Date addition to Invoice List

We added the Payment Date column to Invoice List from which it will be also visible in the Export and in the actual Invoices Summary Report.

Updates to Resourcing

There's now a possibility to show/hide certain views in the Task List section of Resourcing, for example expired tasks. Read more about resourcing list view functions.

Deleting an account or a project

It is now easier to delete accounts and projects - we listened to you and made it simpler, but it's still not possible to delete entities that has invoicable material in them so content advisory is advised.

Updates in Integrations


We have improved Procountor's Country Code handling to support the ISO 3166 Standard. Read more about Procountor integration.


The approval process of Purchase Invoices from Taimer to Talenom has improved to be more reasonable. 


You can now use solid IP Address with Fivaldi integration if needed.