October 2021

October 2021 Here is a summary of our latest releases and product updates

Quote improvements

Our Quote tool has gone through a major facelift and feature restoration such as better view on total sums, what has been invoiced, adding an address to a quote from a slider dialogue and more printing options just to name a few. Read more.

Resourcing improvements

Since you’ve always had to create either longer or shorter single tasks we now present to you Task splitting. With that tool you can split and divide your tasks how you like, to who you like and starting from when you like.

Calendar improvements

We made huge improvements to the calendar functions for both Google Calendar and O365 Calendar integrations. You can now add meeting links, create full-day and repeat events, invite contacts to meetings and more. Read more.

Other improvements

  • Invoice description search in invoice list view added under add filter. EN puuttuu

  • Revenue recognition improvements: New sections.

  • Tracked hours on My day (internal vs. customer hours).

  • Project hour report to excel.

Features we are currently working on

  • Taimer software user interface and navigation improvements

  • Releasing Taimer Open API

  • Defining user specific daily work hours split

Other important updates

  • We are updating and improving our support Knowledge Base and Chat functions. We will be informing you more about this soon.

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