Office 365 integration to Taimer

Office 365 integration to Taimer


  • Activate options for integrations from My Profile
  • Activate integrations from sidebar
  • Activate calendar integrations
  • Calendar functions
  • Activate Email
  • Activate OneDrive integration


Office 365 integration to Taimer You can synchronize your Office 365 calendar, email and OneDrive with Taimer. Emma Närhi

Activating O365 Email, OneDrive and Calendar on Taimer will make your daily work easier and faster, as you can read and send mail directly through Taimer. You can also work with OneDrive files and create time entries and activities for calendar events.

Permission: All

Activate integrations from My Profile

My Profile > Personal Profile > Integrations

In My Profile you can define which integrations you activate for your Taimer. The actual integration is done through the Integrations section in the sidebar.

  • Select My Profile from the top right corner

  • Scroll down to Integrations in Personal Profile view

Activate your preferred integrations

After activation the selected integrations will be visible under the Integrations header in your sidebar. Here you can complete the integrations.

Activate integrations from sidebar

Activate Calendar integration

  • Select Activate Microsoft Outlook calendar

  • Select the account you wish to connect

  • Allow Taimer to access your data

After this, Calendar integration is activated automatically

Calendar functions

Calendar synchronization allows you to display Outlook calendar entries in your Taimer calendar, as well as create project specific time entries or activities to Taimer.

Creating a time entry or activity from a calendar entry

Opening a previously created calendar entry from the calendar view gives you the option to turn the entry into either an hour entry or an activity.

  • Click on the calendar entry to open it



  • At the bottom of the view, select Options

    • Select your preferred action

      • Add Time entry

      • Add Activity

  • Fill in all necessary information

  • Save

The entry moves to your Taimer calendar as an hour entry or activity, depending on your selection.

Email Activation

Integrations > Email

By integrating Email, you can read and send emails directly from Taimer-

  • Click on Office

  • Select the account you want to integrate

  • Accept terms

  • Log in to your account


Activate OneDrive integration

Integrations > One Drive

By activating OneDrive, you can access OneDrive files directly from Taimer.

  • Click OneDrive

  • Select OneDrive account you want to integrate

  • Accept terms

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