Procountor integration to Taimer

Learn how to integrate invoices, bills, expenses and travel expenses directly from Taimer to Procountor.


  • How to integrate Procountor with Taimer
  • Sales invoices
  • Bills
  • Expenses & travel expenses
  • Tips for using the Procountor integration
  • Error codes


By integrating Procountor with Taimer, you can connect invoicing, billing, expenses and travel expenses directly from Taimer to Procountor.

What is Procountor?

Procountor is a leading Finnish financial management software.

With the REST interface, the following things can be transferred from Taimer to Procountor:

  • Sales invoices (invoice-specific sales account cost centre)

  • Bills (without accounting information)

  • Expenses and travel expenses

What is REST interface?

REST is a software architectural style used for creating web services. It determines what kinds of operations are used to request for, add and process data from the servers.

Permissions: Admin

How to activate Procountor

1. Add Taimer as a user on Procountor

Add the Api - key to Procountor

An API - key is user and environment specific authentication key that allows an integrator to establish a establish a connection between another program and Procountor through the API. The API-key authorizes the integrator to establish a connection through the interface.

  • Log in to the Procountor and go to Basics > API client keys

  • Click New Api key

You will get a view where you can connect and selected Procountor user and Taimer.

  • Choose user who has fully permissions to integration from dropdown list. User can be example taimer.api.

  • Fill in to Client id field taimer2Client

  • Click Create

  • Click Copy Api Key

  • Click Ok

Activate the interface on Taimer.

Configure permissions in Procountor

When you have added Taimer as a user in Procountor, set the taimer.api user's role as Primary user.

Before the integration can be used, the main user needs to allow integrations and their use.

The setting in question can be found here in Procountor: Settings > Company details > Usage Settings > Integration Settings > Allow usage of invoicable interfaces.

2. Activate Taimer and Procountor

You can activate Procountor here in the Taimer settings:

Settings > Integrations > Procountor

  • Click Activate

  • Add Procountor API key

  • Click Authenticate

Note! If you have expenses and travel expenses integration on use, check User ID and import those from Procountor, if needed.

3. Search for accounting information directly from Procountor

Account details from accounting: These are used in sales invoices. A sales invoice can be targeted to a sales account. The common one is 3000 VAT 24 %.

Cost centres: If your company tracks sales by cost centre, you can select the cost centre in the invoice.

Products: Account redirections can be done for Products and Work types. Products go to Taimer's product registry, and thus it is usable in invoicing. Work types can be targeted to products, when work type specific tracking is available in Procountor. Accounting redirections can be done under the Product.

Personal IDs: This information is needed for transferring bills, expenses and travel expenses. More information in section "Bills, expenses and travel expenses".

NB: Make sure that your company's bank account on Taimer is the same as the one in Procountor. You can check this in the settings here: Settings > Company details > Bank account.

4 Invoice numbering

If there are invoices in Procountor (Procountor has been used), you can reset the invoice numbering here:

Settings > Feature settings > Invoicing & Bills > Invoice starting number.

NB: The invoice numbering of Procountor and Taimer can later disperse, meaning that the invoice numbers on Procountor and Taimer won't match. This is not an accounting-related problem. The main invoice ledger is on in Procountor, from which the information goes to Taimer as soon as the invoice is has been paid.

In the invoice list in Procountor, there is a column, from which the Taimer invoice number can be seen, and thus the invoice numbering can be cross-managed.

Sales invoices

When creating a sales invoice, a sales account and cost centre can be assigned to the invoice. These can be found on the right-hand side when creating an invoice.

In the invoice listing, you can choose the invoices you like and transfer them to accounting and to be sent to Procountor.


  • Attachments for invoices can be added only in the following formats: gif, jpg, PDF ja txt

  • For the attachments to be transferred from Taimer to Procountor with the invoice, there can be no Google Drive connection in the Taimer setup. If you'd like to keep the Google Drive connection, the attachments for an invoice need to be created in Procountor. This can be done when sending invoices.

  • There are no header rows in Procountor, and thus the header rows on Taimer will be regular invoice rows with zero values in Procountor.

  • The first descriptive row of the invoice row is transferred as a comment on a row in Procountor.

  • Sales invoices are transferred from Procountor with the status "Draft".

  • Both Taimer and Procountor have their own invoice numbers. When multiple invoices are transferred at once, there will be discrepancies in the invoice numbering between Taimer and Procountor. In Procountor, you can see the original invoice number (from Taimer) and the Procountor invoice number.

  • Make sure that the sales VAT percentages have been put to Procountor as well.


After the activation, you can transfer or receive bills in Taimer. Bills are received first in the accounting software, from which they are transferred directly to Taimer. In Taimer, the bills are circulated, targeted to a project and approved.

Select the bills that you'd like to transfer and select "Send to Procountor".


  1. Accounting is not done in Taimer!

  2. The bills are targeted to the default recipient in Taimer, unless the bill has the following information:

Project number

For the bill to be targeted to the project or project manager, the project number must be on the bill. The project manager must have permission to receive bills.

Personal ID number

For the bill to be targeted to a person, the ID number needs to be on the bill. The person must have permission to receive bills in order for the bill to be targeted at the specific person.


The person can either:

  • See all the bills

  • See all the bills targeted at the person

  • Only pre-approve the bills

Transfering bills

Select the bills that you'd like to transfer and select "Send to Procountor".

When bills are transfered from Taimer to Procountor, the bills go to Draft status.

Approving bills

Bills that have come from Procountor to Taimer can be approved in Taimer.

You can select the bills and select "Approve in Procountor". This information will be sent to Procountor and the bill gets the status "Approved".

Expenses and travel expenses

Before transferring expenses and travel expenses, check the following things from Taimer to Procountor:

  1. You've taken the personal IDs from Taimer's Procountor settings

  2. You've set up the ID to the details of the person's profile on Taimer (Remember to set it for the person who tranfers and to the person, who's expenses and travel expenses are transfered).

Select the expenses and travel expenses and transfer them to Procountor.

Things to note:

  • Check that the VAT percentages are the same on Taimer and Procountor.

Tips for using Procountor integration

If your company has bills that have been paid with own or company's money, the costs paid with own money are paid to the person and the ones paid with company's money (with payment card) are exported only to accounting.

For the activities to be clear and pleasant, categorise the exportation into two sections. The order is irrelevant, but categorise the following exportations:

With own money - The costs paid with own money are paid to the personnel. Export these first to Procountor and pay them always in Procountor during the exportation.

With company's money - Because the payment has been completed, the receipts must be sent to accounting. These expenses are not paid but they are marked as paid elsewhere instead (Procountor feature). It is important that every receipt is marked as paid for the day, when the transaction has taken place. Instruct your personnel to create bills on Taimer with scrutiny, especially that the date of the bill concerns the date of payment transaction and not the day when the bill was created. This way it is easy for the person to see in the bill on Procountor when the transaction has taken place and mark it as paid elsewhere.

Error codes

In case there are issues with sending invoices, Procountor sends an error code to Taimer, citing what the problem could be about.


Description: Invalid Einvoice operator: The operator identifier is incorrect.

You can check the descriptions of Procountor's error codes on Procountor's website.