Track Hours

Track and add hours in application using the stopwatch, the calendar view or bulk time entries


  • Track hours using the stopwatch/automatic timer

  • Track hours in the calendar/timesheet view

  • Add hours using bulk time entries

  • Add hours using draggable projects

  • Track hours using the mobile app


Application offers you multiple ways to track your hours; work hour clock, drawing, dragging and dropping, bulk editing or adding directly to your tasks. You can do time tracking also in iOS and Android mobile apps, which are described in detailed level in Tracking hours in Mobile App article.

Below is described ways to do tracking in different ways and you can find more about these from different articles:

  • Bulk editing
  • Tracking hours for own tasks
  • Tracking hours in My Day view

Permissions: Time Tracker

Track hours using the stopwatch/timer

With stopwatch you can track your work hours accurately.

  1. Start timer clicking the stopwatch icon in the top right corner.

  2. Stop timer by clicking the stopwatch icon.
  3. Enter hour entry details.
  4. Click Save.

Track hours in the hour calendar view by drawing

By drawing hour entries, you can add them directly to the correct date and time.

  1. Go to Time > Time Tracker > Calendar.

  2. Click and drag to enter a time entry to the calendar.
  3. Enter hour entry details.
  4. Click Save.

Add hours using draggable projects

Once you have selected e.g. most used projects to your project list, you can simply drag & drop them to your calendar. Application creates one hour hour entries of those.

  1. Go to Time > Time Tracker > Calendar.
  2. Add a project to the Add project to the list by searching it.
    • If you do not see project section next to the calendar, zoom out.
  3. Click, drag and drop the project from the list to the hour calendar.
  4. Enter hour entry details.
  5. Click Save.

Adding an hour entry

Add hour entry slider opens from all different places where hour entries adding is possible to do.
  1. Select dates.
  2. Enter time: start and end time.
  3. Select account, unit and project.
    • When logging hours, you can activate the following settings from the eye icon in the right-hand corner of the view:
      • When the Show project fields separately setting has been activated, you can select the account and project separately in the time entry view. This is useful for filtering the projects under an account.

      • When Show project tree search setting is inactive, you see the project structure of an account and select the account and project at once.

      • Only own projects: You will see only projects in which team you belong to on the project list.
  4. Select a task.
    • When the project has one or more tasks that are assigned to you, task field is shown and you can target your hours for a task.
  5. Select a job type.
  6. Enter a description for hour entry.
    1. Depending on time tracker settings, this can be mandatory information.
  7. When needed, you can add also product, CPQ, invoice row or costs. Select these from Add new menu.
  8. Click Save.

Added hour entry is shown in the hour calendar and the list of own hours.

Adding hours based on previous hour entry

In case you have similar previous hour entries, you can add new hour entry by selecting your previous hour entry. This gives you a possibility to add hour entries faster. Previous hour entries list shows 20 previous hour entries.

  1. Select Add hours for example by drawing hour entry to the hour calendar or from quick adding menu.
  2. Click Show previous entries.
  3. Choose correct hour entry from the list of previous entries and click Select.
    • Hide or show descriptions and tasks from the list by selecting Show description or Show task.
  4. Click Save.


Add hours using bulk time entries

First, go to Time Tracker, and then click the bulk entry button on the right-hand side to enter the bulk entry view, as shown below.

Next, you can add multiple projects from the list to track hours to.

Now, just click on the empty fields next to a project to add the hours to the project for the days you wish. Then, choose the task and the job type. Add a comment and save the comment if you'd like to replicate it to the to other days.

At the bottom of the bulk entry view, you can see a row with the total tracked hours for each project and task, and total resourced hours for the week on the bottom right of it. On right-hand side, you can see two columns: the weekly hours for each project and task, and weekly target %.

Go back to the calendar view to view or edit your time entries. The start time for the bulk entries will be the default start time specified in the time management settings.

Add hours using the mobile app

Tracking hours via the Taimer mobile app is very similar to the browser version.

  • You can edit the hours by clicking on the time entry

  • Hold and drag the time entry on the calendar

  • Or click on the timer icon on the top right corner to start and stop tracking

  • Or click on the + symbol and select Hour Entry to enter details