Updated Taimer UI - what has changed?

The latest Taimer update includes many changes to the look and feel in different views. This article will walk you though done changes.

Note: Changes described in this document will be published on 16th of March, 2022.

Sidebar and header changes

Grouping in the sidebar has been changed to support more users' needs. You can navigate between different sections faster. You can still use sidebar also in the listed mode, setting for this can be found from My Profile.

Major changes in the new grouping are following:

BI-reports can be found directly from the Dashboard, next to My Day.

Projects includes both lead and deals.

Time includes time tracker, calendar and hours approval.

Tasks has its own main level category.

Reports are part of the main menu in the sidebar.

More: Products and integrations (Email, OneDrive) can be now found from More section.

You can see immediately from the header, the section you are now. Icons on the right side includes now also functions to add new content. Also, own icon for settings can be found here, to make it faster for admins to navigate to the settings.

List views

List views got clear and unified structure. Moving between different views is easy and user sees clearly in which view he/she is now. All related functions are in the same place in each view, using always same elements.

Shortly the structure is following:

  • Navigation: Main tabs and sub tabs, when existing
  • Filters and search functions
  • View's changing, total numbers of the listed items, possibility to add new item, export to excel and shortcut to module specific settings.

Example: Changing between project's kanban/list views is now done from the view.

Card views

Project, account, contact and user cards look and feel has change completely. You can see same information and do same functions than previously but now grouped and shown differently. One big change is also how editing is done now. Direct change is possible only for few data (e.g. sales person or stage change on the project card), most of the changes are done now in the separate edit mode in the slider.

Project card

Account card

Contact card

User card

Details can be viewed in the slider.

View Team members: hover on team member icon to view details.

Note! Click on hover to open slider with more details.

View Contacts: hover on contacts icon to view details.

Note! Click on hover to open slider with more details.

Adding and editing in slider

Adding account, project, contact, activity, hour entry, task or milestone is done now in the slider view, that opens to the right side of the view. Editing is also done in slider, and information is saved only after clicking Save button to reduce potential error cases.

Click edit to view details in slider

Note! Find the edit button under three-dot icon. 


Details on the project and account card


Project and account cards have now direct links to all other views where you can see project/account related data, e.g. different invoices. Similar links are available also for reports.

Add new

Adding a new project or account related content is now easier. You can add from Add new menu e.g. sales invoice, hour entry, task, activity for the shown project/account. When adding through Add new menu, you do not need separately select account/project.

New feature in hour entry dialog: select from previous hour entry

Hour entries are now done in slider. Hour entry adding has also a new feature, view where you can select one of your latest 20 hour entries and you can select one of those to do hour tracking faster, without a need to select all details every time when similar entries are added.

Any feedback about changes?

You can read more information about different features from articles: https://support.taimer.com/en

I you want to give any feedback about done changes, do not hesitate to contact to our team by email support@taimer.com